• You or your student will team up with our staff of subject-specific tutors to tailor-make an approach that fits them the best through individualized tutoring sessions.
  • Students feel relaxed and comfortable in our professional and private office setting.
  • Mally A.C.T. can help determine you or your students' strengths and weaknesses before you step through our doors. Contact us to find out how.
  • We keep detailed logs and chart how you or your student progress during each session to easily turn weaknesses into strengths.
  • Our staff is well-respected by counselors and department heads throughout the area, so we're always up-to-date with your high school's curriculum changes.
  • Feel confident knowing that Mally A.C.T. consultants are qualified to interpret, assist, and make 504/IEP recommendations.

We are firm believers that parents, students, and the Mally A.C.T. staff can act as a team to help equip you or your student with the tools needed to succeed. Contact us today to find out more - our consultants are standing by and are ready to help.