MathXcel™ Calculator Program for Mac

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MathXcel™ Calculator Program for Mac

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The set of calculator programs that we've developed and coded are designed to make students' lives a whole lot easier.

The programs provide an organized set of relevant formulas that are commonly used on the ACT and SAT that students can sometimes have a hard time remembering.

Plus, simply by inputting numbers into certain programs, the calculator will solve complicated questions for students that are more time-consuming and easy to get incorrect.

When used properly, our programs eliminate the need to recall formulas while helping students with efficiency and timing to make the math section of the ACT and SAT less stressful.

Inside the download file, you will find:

  • File transfer instructions

  • The TI Connect software to connect your calculator to your Mac

  • The TI Connect software guidebook

  • A folder containing all of our calculator programs

  • A packet that we designed with sample questions for students to better familiarize themselves with the programs.

NOTE: These programs are all only compatible with the TI-83 Plus and all models of the TI-84 Plus. The program is not compatible with the TI-Nspire CX.

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