More than 4,700 students from over 175 schools have come to Mally A.C.T. to reach their goals for over 11 years. Here are some of their real stories.

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Hi! I just got my results back and thought it would be helpful to share them with you guys. I got a composite score of 28. However, I got a 34 in English., the subject which I tutored for. That was 11 points higher than from when I took it a year ago. You helped boost my score a lot and I’m very thankful I took the time to tutor with you. I have many more chances to take the ACT® and I’m sure I will be back for even more tutoring in other subjects! Thanks a bunch for all you’ve done. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.
We just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. My son completed his first attempt at the ACT® with a 21 cumulative score (up from a 14 on his pre-test.) He scored a 23 on the Math portion (up from 11 on the pre-test.) He’s going to continue to retake the test to improve his score and he is feeling much better overall about himself and his opportunities for higher education. Great job by the Mally team!!
I am very pleased to report that I discovered today that I raised my composite ACT® score from a 31 to a 35, which I am utterly ecstatic about. You helped me bring up my science score from a 26 to a 36!! I cannot thank you enough for all you did. Plus, my parents are super proud and happy. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some scholarship money for my improved score. Once again, thank you so much. I have already referred you to everyone I know.
So last Friday I took the GRE® and I don’t know if you’re going to believe this but I got a 750 on the Math Section which is way better than I have ever done on a practice test! I think your approach really helped because even though I felt like I was going too slowly, I probably ended up getting the majority of them right. Now you can advertise that you can bump up scores by 100 points in just one session! Haha Thanks again.
First of all, OMG!!! I can’t believe the score my daughter got on her ACT®! I never in a million years thought she would go up 4 points! We, as a family, can’t thank you enough for all of your help, your staff’s help, etc. It was worth every penny! This is our daughter! We had to help her into a decent college! You run an amazing business with amazing employees. She walked out of here the day of testing with true confidence, not like I’ve ever seen before. I had to sit on my hands the day we got the results to let her open them! So again, thank you and your staff for an amazing job!!!!!
You have had a great rapport with your students. Our sons looked forward to their sessions because your deep knowledge and great confidence-building skills. He helped motivate them to do their best, and their ACT® scores improved considerably.
Through your tutoring program, my daughter was able to raise her ACT® score by 5 points and get accepted to MSU – her school of choice! Thanks so much for your assistance in helping her do so well on the ACT®. We couldn’t have done it without you! I’ll be sure to recommend your services to friends and family.
I just wanted to thank you a whole bunch. My son went up soooo much in reading that it’s unbelievable. 17 to 26. Thanks and have a great summer! He ended with his goal of a 28 (He wanted me to tell you that)
After meeting with Mally A.C.T., we saw our daughter’s confidence level rise. We knew she could meet the challenges, but she didn’t believe she could. The results, as measured by increases in school, math test scores, and a strong showing on the ACT®, were evident.
As a result of working with Mally A.C.T., my Science ACT® score increased considerably. Not only that, I enjoyed our sessions because of my tutor’s great expertise, easy manner, and enthusiasm. Although test preparation can sometimes be tedious and boring, with Mally A.C.T., it was really quite rewarding. Thanks!
Mally A.C.T. taught me unbelievable strategies to keep me focused and aware during testing. On my 10th grade Biology final, I got an A+, the highest in the class, using these strategies.