• Our tutors provide subject-specifc help in all subtests of the ACT® and SAT®.
  • We strongly encourage students not to take the ACT® or SAT® blind for the first time. Contact us to learn more about our in-depth ACT® Analysis to help gauge strengths and weaknesses.
  • In our one-on-one sessions, our tutors will remediate for content, help with timing issues, and provide our proven Mally A.C.T. strategies for the ACT® and SAT®.
  • Since our sessions are individualized, we are able to help hone in on trouble points and develop a plan of action that's tailor-made to address individual needs.
  • Our consultants can also provide recommendations for students who have a 504 Plan, an IEP, or students who may be candidates for testing accommodations.

To learn more about our ACT® and SAT® tutoring philosophies, contact us today and find out why Mally A.C.T. is right for you.